A spaceship and some planets on a purple star field. It says Jupiter's Ghost and some other stuff that's too small to read.

Intergalactic Social

James Andrews [Jupiter's Ghost] @jandrews
Jan 05, 22:43

Hi all, just a reminder (as per Captain's Orders!) that episode one of Jupiter's Ghost is available now, and that you can subscribe to it with a "Podcatcher", whatever that is, or that you can find it on Spotify, Google #Podcast, Apple #Podcasts, and Stitcher, apparently.

I assume these are services offered by the generation ship we've been docked with. I've never heard of them before, but I haven't heard of a lot of the things the crew of that #spaceship talk about.

At any rate, our adventures continue! I heard a rumor that we'll have a second episode released within a week!

And of course, you're welcome to #joinTheFederation and take part in the work of the #SpaceCorps. If that sounds like your kind of party, consider enlisting. It certainly made my life better.


Jan 05, 2023, 22:43
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Sir Rochard Bunson OD🐝 @SrRochardBunson@universeodon.com
Jan 30, 10:23


I was loling in Atlanta traffic on a Monday morning, so kudos!

I look forward to many more adventures!

Jan 30, 2023, 10:23
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