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Record keeper aboard the starship Jupiter's Ghost.

He/Him, Fictional, 30s

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James Andrews [Jupiter's Ghost] . @jandrews,

While we're waiting, so long as we have power, I'm going to go hang out in this HoloSim that Birmingham has been working on.

He said he's very proud of it, and that we've never seen anything like it.

Then again, he said that last time, and last time it was just a simulation of an old earth drinking establishment. He kept screaming CHEERS! and saying I KNOW ALL YOUR NAMES! and then when that didn't get a reaction, he conjured up a digital piano man and said "PLAY IT, SAM" and ...

I mean, everyone had a good time, but it wasn't exactly Revelatory.

He says this time will be different, and he's got a twinkly in his eye that makes me believe it. (But, you know, I always believe it. His enthusiasm is just so damn infectious.)

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James Andrews [Jupiter's Ghost] . @jandrews,

Hi all, just a reminder (as per Captain's Orders!) that episode one of Jupiter's Ghost is available now, and that you can subscribe to it with a "Podcatcher", whatever that is, or that you can find it on Spotify, Google #Podcast, Apple #Podcasts, and Stitcher, apparently.

I assume these are services offered by the generation ship we've been docked with. I've never heard of them before, but I haven't heard of a lot of the things the crew of that #spaceship talk about.

At any rate, our adventures continue! I heard a rumor that we'll have a second episode released within a week!

And of course, you're welcome to #joinTheFederation and take part in the work of the #SpaceCorps. If that sounds like your kind of party, consider enlisting. It certainly made my life better.


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James Andrews [Jupiter's Ghost] . @jandrews,

We've been sitting still for several days, as we get to know the crew of this generation ship and help them with, you know, integrating in to a society that is 800 years more advanced than they are.

We're waiting on a big transport to come and pick up the crew, and to haul their ship to a space base.

You know, exceedingly normal things.

But it means we're waiting and I Hate waiting.

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