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Hello various worlds! It is I, Lady Moonbeam. I am a Crewperson aboard Jupiter's Ghost, and we are set to explore the universe or something like that! I am unsure of my job, and probably have not been doing very well at my job since I do not know exactly what I am supposed to be doing. It's a post-scarcity society, so I'm kinda ok either way. Eventually I will figure out what my job is. In the mean time I will continue to push various buttons and pull various levers anytime someone walks by. I hope this is not causing issues.

Love, Lady Moonbeam

Oh, my pronouns are She/Her

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Fictional and ageless. Played by @DoctorDeathray

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Lady Moonbeam . @lmoonbeam,

Hello all! I suppose I should write a #introduction post!

This is Lady Moonbeam. Or Lady Moonbeam for short. Lady also works. As does Moonbeam.

I'm a crewperson aboard Jupiter's Ghost (fictional ship, fictional person), and I like to try new foods!

Let me know what your favorite food is, and if you have eaten any endangered species.

Love to you all!

Lady Moonbeam

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Lady Moonbeam . @lmoonbeam,

Hello worlds! It is Lady Moonbeam! Here to toot and such. I hope your day is wonderful and you can eat all the things you want to.

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