A spaceship and some planets on a purple star field. It says Jupiter's Ghost and some other stuff that's too small to read.

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Hi! I'm Trilo! I'm a crewperson here on the Jupiter's Ghost.

I don't... really know what social media is for. Or what I'm doing on the ship.

I'll figure it out eventually, I hope.

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Trilo Bite [Jupiter's Ghost] . @tbite,

Hi! I'm Trilo, I'm a crewperson on the Jupiter's Ghost and I'm responsible for ...

Well, I guess that kind of remains to be seen! I've been aboard the ship for a few weeks, and I keep expecting that I'll be told to do something, but so far I'm just kind of drifting from station to station trying not to get in the way.

The Space corps is weird.

Anyway, I guess people normally do Interests in these introductions? I like geology, and biology, and archeology, and meteorology, and ecology, and #cryptozoology, and I've been studying The Mouse and its potential consequences.

Expect this account to mostly be Mouse Facts I discover in my research for the foreseeable future.

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