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Taros Kadathran [Jupiter's Ghost] . @tkadathran,
A People's History of the Federation and why I joined the Space Corps Toggle visibility

I think a lot about why I joined the Space Corps rather than serving in the Space Patrol (those intergalactic "peacekeepers" you may have heard about) like both my dads did. I've always had a rebellious streak. By this I mean I was rebellious in the only ways that a data junky like me can be as a kid: I built secret communications receivers in our attic.

I picked up lots of stuff with my DIY equipment. Learned stuff I wasn't supposed to know. Through a databurst I picked up that I believe was called a People's History of The Federation, I learned that the initial growing pains of the Solar Federation look a lot like the ways the Federation is still struggling to uphold it's stated values today.

The Space Patrol didn't always have the "peacekeeper" branding it does now. In the beginning, they were sent to squash dissent on worlds on the outskirts of the Federation's territory. People on the outlying worlds felt that the relative utopia the Federation was able to achieve in the core worlds wouldn't ever make it all the way to the outskirts and they were better off on their own. I'm no economist but from what I've seen, they weren't wrong. With a bare minimum standard of living established across the Federation, even the outskirts, they declared scarcity a thing of the past. However, the problems those brave rebels shed light on still persisted. The bare minimum was not enough but it quieted the people for the time being and the Federation moved on. The Space Patrol has a more sanitized and glorified image nowadays. The authors of that datablast believed that those issues and the way the Federation dealt with them back then were coming back to haunt us.

The Space Corps, from what I've pieced together over the years, seems to have started, in part, as a means to clean up the aftermath of the Federation's inadequacies. It was a bandaid. It probably still is. I don't know how much I believe the conclusions that datablast came to but I do know that I want to help make things better for folks and maybe right some wrongs. Seems to me like even a bandaid would help more than a lasergun, metaphorically I mean. If a space worm is trying to eat your ship, guns are probably the way to go. Anyway, I think, on our best days, the Space Corps is doing work that extends beyond the imaginations of even the "utopic" Federation and their Space Patrol.

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Taros Kadathran [Jupiter's Ghost] . @tkadathran,

Another cosmic storm blew through last night. Can things "blow through" in space? Eh, not my expertise. Anyway, communications array was receiving odd signals, as it usually does during these. Honestly they're a bit creepy, like ghost noises? I've never actually heard a ghost. But if I had, it would sound like the signals I pick up during cosmic storms.

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Taros Kadathran [Jupiter's Ghost] . @tkadathran,

Oh. I didn't do an #introductions toot. As a communications specialist, that's ..rather embarrassing. Well, I'm Crewperson Taros Kadathran of The #JupitersGhost, a Space Corps vessel. If you're looking to translate a random subspace signal or deliver a holomessage to your dad through hyperspace, I'm your enby. Well, that's as long as my equipment cooperates.

I joined the Space Corps to fiddle with gadgets and see the universe! I mean, helping people is also good. I like helping people, and being part of the Jupiter's Ghost crew has really taught me a lot! But I can't help but get a little excited when my console display reads something like "data received from unknown or unknowable source" because there's a 50% chance it's something cool! ..the other 50% is that my computer is having some sort of meltdown and I need to shut it down before it blows up. At least nothing is ever boring, right?

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Taros Kadathran [Jupiter's Ghost] . @tkadathran,

According to some Solar Corps subspace transmissions l picked up during my regular signal sweep, last night was New Year's Eve on Earth. It was a whole hours long, very enthusiastic ramble from a drunk Verbenubi comms specialist from another ship detailing the biographies of every cohost that ever appeared on something called New Year's Rockin Eve? Which supposedly used to be broadcast every year on Earth.

Anyway, the transmission was so large it overloaded my comms array and I couldn't get it running again for a while. It's always something gumming up the works! Drunk Verbenubi Earth Nerd trivia, a mouse.. oh yeah, there was a mouse! If you want to hear more about the mouse eating my equipment, click here: intergalactic.computer/social/podcasts/

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